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d-act: design projects of Noam Youngrak Son

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Selected Design Works, Events


cathair thumbnailsCathair Press

Domestic publishing projects

Project thumbnail UnionThe Union* for Unvalorized (design) Labors

Why are all my designer friends overworked and underpaid?, project hosted by Onomatopee and Z33

Project thumbnail ChimeraChimera Gastronomy

Malleable flesh, amalgamated bodies, and plastic kinship


toilet zine thumbnailsSame Plubming Different Gender

Launch event of The Toilet Zine

Project thumbnail ChimeraChimera Gastronomy

Workshop at De Koer with Spa for Spirit

Project thumbnail CookCook Quantitavitely with Energy

Collaboration with Colette Aliman, commissioned by 25AV platform

Project thumbnail Cable orgyThe Fab lab Cable Orgy Playbook

Created during Tetem Development Trajectory

Project thumbnail Happy New QueerThe New Year Letter of Maintenance

Distributed during the Happy New Queer event

Project thumbnail Collectible fair

An on-stage zine making performance at the Collectible Fair

Project thumbnail Calendar2023 decolonial more-than-human calendar

A calendar to challenge the modern obsession for universality and the illusion of linear/singular time.


Project thumbnail Toilet zineThe Toilet Zine

Collaboration with Tuyen Le

doormat thumbnailsThe Gendered Cable Doormat

Produced for Huidenclub, featured in the exhibition CRUSING

temple thumbnailsThe Off-temple zine

A project publication for the Off-temple, a queer temple imagined by Bebe Books

eelorgy thumbnailsThe story-telling eel-orgy

Writing as an aquatic intercourse, a workshop program hosted by Sonic Acts, Radius CCA

marriagezine thumbnailsThe anti-manifesto of the Marriage

Published for the wedding of Steffi Sturm and Noam Youngrak Son at ‘the Smallest Gay* Bar in the World’ established by Bebe Books


Project thumbnail Yummy Body TruckYummy Body Truck

A fictional food truck that sells ‘edible human body parts’ made from the mixture of various nonhuman flesh

The eel map The Eel-centric Hypothetical Atlas on How Humans Have Sex

A publication exploring how an eel imagines the sexual intercourses of humans

Older Projects

From 2018

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