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In and out of the bubble

The 11th issue of d-act magazine is a compilation issue of September and October. It is not a pdf publication, but web-based documentation of two design event that I was involved in. The point of it was to bring out my design practices to the public, out from the context of the design academy that I am used to.

Qtopia Queer Art Festival Nijmegen 2019

Oct 4 - Oct 20, 2019

Project Queerlet was exhibited in the form of video installation in NEUS gallery in Nijmegen for Qtopia Queer Art Festival. Furthermore, 50 pieces of Queerlet was installed on every toilet door in the exhibition venues, and functioning as a part of the festival's identity. The challenge that I had was to reproduce the design into large quantities and to make it communicable to the public.

An interactive website that collects the gender symbols drawn on Queerlets by using Instagram hashtags

A toolkit designed for the volunteer workers who were installing Queerlets

Dutch Design Week 2019

Oct 21 - Oct 25, 2019

Ristorante di Attenzione, which was a Speculative-participatory-performance on attention economy, was shown at DENF coffee Eindhoven during the Dutch Design Week. I performed as an artificial intelligence waiter.


Eventually, the conversations that I had with the visitors were edited into a 15-minute film, which is a combination of design-fiction and public-interviews. I aimed to make the speculative design very public, out of the academic and gallery context. Therefore I put an emphasis on its function as a conversation starter and documented the reactions from the participants. In the film, the distinction between reality and the speculative scenarios is sometimes very ambiguous, sometimes apparent. What I wanted to achieve by doing this was to make the speculative design more pervasive into our perception of reality, yet not losing its fictional quality.