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Noam Youngrak Son designed Worker's Sun which is a light and timepiece to tackle overworking.  Overworking is an invention of modern society. In pre-industrial society, work-life balance was automatically managed by the weather. People simply couldn't work when there wasn't any sun.

Worker's Sun doesn't have any switch, and its brightness and colors are synchronized with the sun at each moment. It's usually most bright at 1 pm. It turns red at the setting of the sun. It brings back the sense of time that the office building took away from us. Use this light as a parameter of your work-life balance.




“The third issue of d-act magazine is about Karoshi and Work-life balance. We’re living in the era when The Fourth Industrial Revolution is drastically changing the value of human labor. And I’m a young, inexperienced creative worker who is from a country with the worst labor condition in the world. So how am I going to maintain both my work and life to reach happiness? Honestly, I haven’t found an answer to that question yet, and the conclusion of this issue is a by-product of the question.”


©2018 by Noam Youngrak Son




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