d-act magazine #5 Queerlet2200.jpg

"The fifth issue of d-act magazine is about what I did using the data obtained from Queerlets, toilet signs that enables users to draw their own human figures based on their gender identity.


Binarism is an infrastructure of our urinating, defecating activities, and its influence is often very in-depth and hidden.


I wanted to provoke that, especially about the toilet environment."


©2019 by Noam Youngrak Son




This is a speculative toilet that generates its interior environment based on user’s drawing on the toilet sign, and a computer program to demonstrate how it works.


It obtains parameters of public/private, visible/invisible, decent/obscene, man/woman, penis/vagina, standing up/sitting, occupied/busy from the drawings and constructs a new toilet floorplan regarding it.


Every parameter could be derived from the digital analysis of the image, but due to the limitation of my technical ability, penis/vagina couldn’t be automatically detected, so that I implemented the use of cheap human labor. Users of this software should detect where the penis and vagina on the image can potentially be.


Most of the time, the toilets that are generated look very absurd. By conflicting with the stereotypical toilet environment which is a product of gender binarism, it opens space for viewers to raise questions about the toilet in their daily lives.



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