“The ninth issue of d-act magazine is about Ristorante di Attenzione. It is a compilation issue of October and November due to its volume. Ristorante di Attenzione is a provocative restaurant that demonstrates how attention economy functions. It’s also an experimental tool to research the influence of attention economy that became more pervasive in everyday life. Eventually, Ristorante di Attenzione works as a background for the speculative stories.


Taste is the most individualized sense. If I compare the number of people that I’ve seen with the number of people that I’ve tasted, this becomes very apparent. 


Advertisements and propaganda used to deal with the mass audience, but it started to realized the importance of a personalized experience. I believe it’s inevitable for the advertisers to use food as a media someday.”

©2019 by Noam Youngrak Son

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