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'd-act magazine' is a quarterly publication that portrays the creative practices done by Noam Youngrak Son.

Noam acts. The actions are meant to be Design based, done Daily, and Desirable.

Noam Youngrak Son defines oneself as a ‘Design Activist’. For Noam, Design is not a goal in itself, but a method to arouse social discussions and debates. They pursues problem-provoking design, instead of problem-solving design. Noam refuses to define one's gender as neither exclusively male nor female. In other words, Noam socially, culturally refuses to be neither male nor female. Noam refuses every norm of gender-binary. Noam’s identity as a queer person of color is one of the axes of their design practices.

2017~ Design Academy Eindhoven BA Design


2016 iF Public Value Student Award

2016 Korea Talent Award

2018 K-Design Award Grand Prize


Contact: magazinedact@gmail.com