Egalians consider the mass production of Milk and Egg as an exploitation of wim’s right of reproduction.
Cow milk and Eggs are not mass produced and considered as a very precious, but a less moral ingredient like foie gras, and usually in fancy packaging. All the eggs are different in their size&colors.
They also eat less meat, since they consider the Artificial insemination (AI) as an animal rape.
So They use soya milk and tofu as a cheap protein(like the way we use milk and egg). They need significant farmland to harvest soybeans, and it is usually in the developing nations, managed by low-income menwim. Since soybean is taking a big part of protein ingestion of low wage Egalians, GM soybeans are the very controversial issue in Egalia.

Scientists have been developing a way to generate milk and eggs in the lab, without cow or chicken, and recently launched the first synthetic milk and egg that are available in the supermarket. Unlike the natural eggs, lab-grown eggs have the equal sizes and relatively fragile shells.