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The hypo­thetical eel-centric atlas on how humans have sex

Based on the project with the same title

The eel book

A publication, consisting of a visual essay and a cognitive map, exploring how an eel imagines the sexual intercourses of humans and the reproductive cycle. Humans have long speculated about how eels have sex, yet no one has ever witnessed it. Eels have also questioned how humans have sex. The abundance of human-made debris in the ocean provides sufficient information for an eel to propose a hypothesis about our reproductive life cycle. The publication presents a narrative unfolding through various artefacts. The human way of living, interpreted by eels, might not align with what human readers experience. The cognitive reconstruction of the human world by eels provides readers an opportunity to deviate from their deep-rooted anthropocentrism.

Digital print, Leporello binding, 111 mm x 181 mm, 59 pages

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The eel book scanned page

The publication unfolds into a circular structure.

The eel book