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The anti-manifesto of the Marriage

The marriage book

A one-spread-manifesto written for the ‘The Queer Mixture-making Ceremony’, a.k.a. wedding of Steffi Sturm and Noam Youngrak Son at Vooruit Ghent.

What made this zine much more meaningful was its situatedness at the ‘Smallest Gay*bar in the World’ run by Bebe Books. The manifesto was distributed and announced during my wedding ceremony that took place at the gaybar.

The wedding book
The wedding
The eel book

Digital Print, A5, 2 pages

The wedding book
The wedding book

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And the following excerpts are my favorites.

“We want our marriage to be a parasite in the social system designed for the Marriage. We will hack the norms from inside out, like a parasitic flatworm turning the antenna of an infected snail flamboyant and pulsating—a.k.a. queering the antenna.”

“We would like to begin by defining the Marriage with a capital ‘M’, which we are desperately trying to differentiate from our marriage. What we mean by the Marriage is a fundamental unit of the patriarchal, cis-heteronormative, classist, ableist, colonial social construct.”

“We declare a promise for a lifelong practice of exclusive interdependency, and the rise of a gender-non-conforming, multi-cultural, multi-species family consisting of two queer people and two cats.”

“We refuse to turn our exclusivity of intimacy into exclusivity of empathy. As much as we love each other, we will suffer together with every marginalized body on the planet.”