Just like women of our world wear bras, Egalian menwim adopted the bra for penis, called « Peho » that sands for penis holder. And like our bras, some pehos are uncomfortable, too tight, uneasy to put on, some have underwiring, some are for sports,some are sexy… Some menwim even do plastic surgery to correspond to the norm.


Even if it is evolving the beauty standard is still mainly to have a small, cute and white penis. That is why some pehos pack the penis tightly, to cheat a bit on the silhouette.


On the contrary, women lingerie is not diverse and little developed. It is not common for wim in Egalia to wear bras. They are proud of their big breasts, considered beautiful, holy. But the pressure for menwim to have a ‘desirable’ penis is way stronger than the pressure for wom to have a big breast.


Photo Credit: Ralf Heijmans