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How did we become your only option?

Before Ristorante di Attenzione got popular, they deployed a very aggressive advertisement campaign. They filled the empty spots on their conveyor belt that they couldn’t sell with their own campaign claiming “It is your right to eat whatever you want”. By adopting that political statement, the promotion rapidly became widespread to working-class young people and radically reformed the foodservice industry. The press featured it as a “food revolution” and insisted that it “democratized the way we eat”. At a certain point, it encroached the great part of the foodservice industry so that 2.5 billion people heavily rely their dietary life on Ristorante di Attenzione. One day, the former co-founder of Ristorante di Attenzione revealed that the major premise of Ristorante di Attenzione’s algorithm is that they “don’t care about what people want, but they just want to keep the people longer at the table”. People were shocked by the contrast between “It is your right to eat whatever you want” and “We don’t care about what you want.”, but couldn’t change anything because they were already too dependent on it.

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