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How are we changing your body?

Ingredients with intense and striking flavor such as Nutella, marshmallow, salted caramel, strong spices are very commonly used in the foods in Ristorante di Attenzione to make the advertisement more memorable. That drastically increased the amount of food that people consume, and it brought a significant increase in the obesity and adult disease rate. This morning, the Ministry of Health made an announcement that exposes the seriousness of the situation and pointed out that Ristorante di Attenzione is partly responsible for this outbreak. They set up a new regulation that at least 25% of the food in Ristorante di Attenzione should be healthy, low-calorie food. And advertisers appropriated this regulation into a profitable way. They linked healthy food with the products that they’re promoting, using the images of perfectly shaped bodies. Soon, very distinct polarization of the consumer emerged. The recommendation algorithm repeated recommending high-calorie food to those who were sticking to the high-calorie diet and the opposite to those who are swayed by the healthy lifestyle advertisements over and over. It reassured and intensified each group to the extreme through its feedback-loop. Now there are only 2 types of humankind: One with extreme obesity and adult diseases, the other with an absurd obsession of a healthy lifestyle.

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