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How are we changing democracy?

There’s going to be a general election soon. During the election period, Ristorante di Attenzione became a great stage for political advertisements. Political parties design their dish specifically to target their main audience. For example, the green party’s dishes are well-known for being 100% vegan and using sustainable ingredients. A few days before the election, a press announces shocking news that they detected cow DNA in the vegan foods from the Green party. This became a massive and fatal scandal for the green party, so that they lose a considerable part of their supporters, eventually bringing a terrible consequence in the election. Later, the scandal turns out to be that it was a fake-advertisements that looks exactly like the advertisements of the green party, but only containing beef, deliberately created by an anonymous right wing group. It was almost impossible to tell fake, beef-containing advertisements from the real, vegan advertisements with naked eyes. The green party and its supporters claimed a thorough public disclosure of the happening, but Ristorante di Attenzione refused to reveal any information. Till today, nobody knows where all the fake food came from, who was the initiative, who funded that.

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How are we changing your body?

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