If one wants to work during their pregnancy, they can work at home without difficulties. Workspace culture of Egalia also adapted to a lot of remote-workers.
And they also can easily get the baby break. They find it very honorable to get it. The whole office holds a celebration with a cute present when someone's having a baby break. And also they can get back to the work whenever they want after giving the birth.

This also creates a lot of part-time jobs, and make the economy more dynamic. And it's often a good opportunity for the young Egalians who just graduated from the university.

Egalia’s very advanced remote-working system was a driving force of the development of the internet infrastructure in the 1970s. Since then, Egalia has super high-speed and affordable internet, and this led to the development of the internet culture including a lot of online discussions and the movements such as masculinist movements.

The company named Pear started from a remote working system company for the pregnant wim now became the most dominant tech-company in Silicon-hill. They produce computers, tablets, smartphones, smartwatches with the highest quality in the industry.

Early pear computers had an iconic shape to be used both on the desk and on the bed for the pregnant wim that spend a lot of time on the bed, and this shape still can be seen in their most recent tablet PC as a brand identity. They also had highly saturated UI that consists of the short text(140 characters maximum) bound with the interactive boxes. This was because some pregnant wim suffered from concentrating difficulties, and it was hard for them

to read lengthy text. This UI was innovative because all of the user interfaces before then was purely text-based. It brought a revolutionary shift from CUI(Commandline User Interface) to GUI(Graphical User Interface).

Their most recent tablet PC has an AI voice- assistant feature that has the manwom voice that enables to make most of the commands using voice.