The following text is a random fragment of the domestic cat genome.

Cathair Press

Find and purchase domestically produced publications.


Cathair Press presents publications created as a part of d-act practices, produced in a domestic space shared with two cats. The publications inevitably contain feline hairs, therefore not suitable for readers with cat allergies.

Cathair Press is open for collaborative projects. Please send us your proposal if you’re willing to create a publication for your art project. Our domestic space in Ghent, Belgium is equipped with a Riso duplicator, a digital printer, two 3D printers.

To purchase the books

All of the books are produced on-demand. Please email us to order the books.

The eel bookThe story-telling eel-orgy: Writing as an aquatic intercourse

"We enveloped stories into reproductive cells, released those into algorithmic water, and offspring stories emerged from the aquatic intercourse."

The marriage bookThe anti-manifesto of the Marriage

A one-spread-manifesto written for the ‘The Queer Mixture-making Ceremony’, a.k.a. wedding

The virus bookThe COVID-19 Kink Zine

On appropriating the visual language of public hygiene as symbols of kink

The eel book The Eel-centric Hypothetical Atlas on How Humans Have Sex

A publication exploring how an eel imagines the sexual intercourses of humans

The green bookHotel-symbiogenesis

Reimagining symbiosis through speculative craft

The bat bookBecoming a bat, embodying COVID-19

SF Ways of Fighting Helplessness Confronting the Pandemic.

The cable bookThe Gendered Cable Manifesto

What we can learn from the sexual intercourses of gendered electric cables

The DNA printDNA-zine: the genome data of SARS-CoV-2

29915 base pairs: Adenine in flat gold, Cytosine in orange, Guanine in blue, Thymine in green

The DNA printDNA-zine: Japanese eel’s (Anguilla japonica) genome data

Translated 986696369 base pairs, 19 chromosomes of a Japanese eel into CMYK pixels