The following paragraphs are generated from Noam Youngrak Son's writing.

d-act Older projects


Hotel Symbiogenesis exhibitionHotel Symbiogenesis

A story of a speculative biosphere represented by a hotel room with a collection of artifacts made of fur and leather of fictional animals

Self Design Committee exhibitionSelf Design Committee

Self-design is an important task, too important to be dictated by one person.

money in vivoMoney in vivo

What if goods and services could be purchased with a virus?


The Gendered Cable ManifestoThe Gendered Cable Manifesto

A visual-literal manifesto appropriating how gendered electric cables make connections

Ristorante di AttenzioneRistorante di Attenzione

A provocative, speculative restaurant that demonstrates how attention economy functions


A toilet sign system for gender-neutral toilets that enables users to draw how they identify


Made in EgaliaMade in Egalia

A speculative living room equipped with various objects, in which gender roles are reversed